Do you love playing action combat games online? Then you might have already played Strike Force Heroes unblocked Game on your computer, that is one of the top most played action-combat games and with its release it has won many accolades around the globe. One of the most acclaimed games and you are going to play this online on your computer. Just hit the play button above on your computer’s browser windows and the game will start going on your computer.
Before you start learning the game, we would like to thank our colleagues from, together with us were engaged in games, however, they created a Professional Carry Service, and we took up this game, since their contribution is very important to us, we cannot fail to mention them.

There are several games modes and you need to choose one what you can handle accordingly your expertise.

If you have had played a game like this, you should go with the campaign mode of the game.

And if you are a novice and did not play any such game before do not even try to touch the Campaign mode, because this mode of the game is recommended for he skilled gamers.

In this action-packed game, you are going to build up your army, trained those people like the way the top commando gets trained.

And with the help of those soldiers, you are going to attack you enemies which are crawling around the globe. You need to wipe them off with the army.

You know the best thing about the game; you can configure your soldiers into this game and can make them up to get any rank you desire.

Features of Strike Force Hero Game:

  • You are going to experience one of the most played action-packed games on the computer’s browser.
  • Various game modes to choose from
  • A wide range of weapons
  • The storyline is extremely compelling
  • The game surely going to hook you from the beginning
  • Build up your army and rank them
  • The music just takes my heart


  • The controls of the game are identical to the most of the action-packed combat games.
  • WASD/Arrows = Move
  • Mouse = Aim & Shoot
  • Q/Shift = Switch Weapons
  • E/Ctrl = Killstreak R = Reload Home Aim&Shoot Action

Just click on the play button above in the browser and the game due to its heavy graphics take some time to get the load, and after that just start playing the best action game of the arena.

You might not know the second installment of the game has also been released, but before that, you should set your keyboard onto this game. 

Strike Force Heroes unblocked Play Game: